• The Lalibela Cross - An Amazing Story!

    Posted by Hanna Wagari

     I've been wanting to share my story about the necklace, but have been traveling quite a bit. So am finally home for a few days so here we go ...

    On my flight to London the unthinkable happened, a passenger passed away. The crew were sent into immediate panic and the pilot turned the plane around half way over the Atlantic and landed in a remote air field in Canada amidst snow and pine tree's. There was more attention paid to the deceased passenger than to his poor wife who was numb from shock. I went to the back of the plane where she had been sitting on the galley floors for hours with him and I removed my necklace and handed it to her. I told her to put it around her neck, hold the cross and pray. I sat with her as she sobbed and kept asking why this happened. Eventually the pilot came back to speak with her, so I returned to my seat. But before doing so, I gave her my UK phone number and address and said if she needed anything to get in touch with me never thinking I would see my necklace again. A week later I received a call from her saying she was helped so much from holding the cross and feeling its healing powers. She slept at night clenching it to her heart asking for strength. She was amazed at how strong she had become over just a few days, enough to make arrangements to bring her husband back to England and plan his farewell with her family. She sent the necklace back to me with flowers asking if I can continue to pray for her. Which I have done since it being back in my possession. Your pieces are not just objects of art and beauty, they have the power to transmit divine healing powers. I keep thinking how ironic it was that I wore this necklace for protection on my journey back to England and it ended up helping a woman who was plunged into the worst nightmare anyone can think of. One lasting comment she made holding the necklace ..... my husband is 39,000 miles closer to heaven. I feel God's presence and I know he is taken care of and I will be too.

     Your creations are a very special blessing. May love, joy and happiness be yours in abundance this holiday season.

     Namaste x


    This was a testimonial from one of our customers about the SABA Beaded Cross Necklace.

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