Mombasa is a jewelry and accessories brand that uses natural gemstones, lalibela crosses, leathers, horns and other organic materials that give our design its unique beauty and character. Mombasa takes its name from the beautiful coastal city in Kenya, world-renowned for its sandy white beaches, deepest-blue ocean, and laid-back lifestyle. Dreamed into life by longtime friends Regbe Surafel and Hanna Wagari, Mombasa's designs deliver gorgeous, functional statement pieces that juxtapose a bold sense of style against global cultural sensibilities.

From the modern, art jewelry collections enhanced with stunning natural elements sourced from around the world, to The Made in Ethiopia fine leather goods handcrafted by fair-trade women, each piece that bears the Mombasa name is truly a labor of love.

A woman who wears Mombasa is passionate about the world around her and effortlessly signals her impeccable taste and a cultivated sense of style. 

Our Mission

Mombasa seeks to redefine luxury as handmade and or hand-touched goods, with a vision to collaborate with artisans around the world, complete the circle of women helping women, and break the cycle of poverty by paying a fair wage. We believe that when women are given opportunity, their families benefit and their communities flourish.  We have partnered with I Pour Life to effectuate social change for a community of at-risk-women in Ethiopia.

Meet The Founders

Creating beautiful designs is a passion for L.A.-based artist Regbe Surafel. Born in Ethiopia and raised in Kenya, Regbe has cultivated a contemporary style that references international influences and boasts a wide appeal. Fluent in a broad range of mediums, she creates unconventional, art jewelry, using an eclectic mix of natural materials. Regbe draws inspiration from her artistic background and extensive travels, and her art works have been exhibited in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

A self-confessed coffee addict who was born in Ethiopia, raised in Ghana, Hanna Wagari brings over 20 years of experience as a marketing executive and brand strategist. Hanna’s business acumen and sharp instinct for style have helped shape the marketing and creative vision for various international health, beauty and lifestyle brands. With her passion for social entrepreneurship, Hanna is excited to bring sustainable work to women and reinvest in Africa. 

The Made in Ethiopia Collection

Celebrating Mombasa's heritage and roots, The Made in Ethiopia Collection features hand crafted bags  from locally sourced, vegetable-tanned leather. An impressive showcase of Ethiopian craftsmanship, these striking and functional leather creations are the result of partnering with a woman-owned fair-trade co-operative that trains and employs women affected by HIV/AIDS. Mombasa is proud to invest in the community by sourcing handcrafted goods from a social enterprise that pays fair wages to at-risk women who are then able to send their kids to school and provide for their families.

Our fine leather goods are made in an eco-friendly process. Vegetable tanning requires a skilled artisanal process and lengthier production time than chromium-dyeing leather. In choosing this method, we are able to support more fair-trade opportunities while sparing the environment and its inhabitants from the pollution, waste, and chemical health hazards inherent to the more popular industry alternative. 

 "We believe that when you invest in women, it helps the entire community.” – Hanna Wagari, Co-Founder
“Each piece that I make is art jewelry with a unique statement of style. ” – Regbe Surafel, Designer & Co-Founder