At Mombasa, we believe that when women are given opportunity, their families benefit and their communities flourish.  We have partnered with I Pour Life to effectuate social change for a community of  at-risk-women in Ethiopia.  I Pour Life's Global Women’s Economic Empowerment program takes “a hand up, not a hand out” approach to helping women in Kore, Ethiopia lift themselves out of poverty.

With every purchase you make, you will help to sponsor for a woman’s journey through the I Pour Life program. We donate 10% off every sale towards I Pour Life’s Ethiopia program which is strengthening socially-isolated communities through development and training. Your generosity is creating a simple but powerful cycle of sustainability directly impacting marginalized communities. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our heart. Together, we are ending the cycle of poverty and enabling brighter futures.


I Pour Life Ethiopia is strengthening socially-isolated communities through development and training. 

Since 2014, I Pour Life Ethiopia has been providing a way out of poverty through integrated development programs including Women’s Empowerment, Orphan Prevention, Early Childhood Education, and Youth Empowerment. The next step in sustainably transforming isolated communities in Ethiopia is by bringing all key stakeholders together with the same goal and understanding towards sustainability. This process is called Social Innovation.